Question 1. What is the product configurator and how does it function?

Basically in a nutshell the product configurator allows your buyers to customize your product to their liking. When your buyers come to your listing and view your listing description, they will be able to customize your product to their needs rather than hitting the 'Back' button to search for the right product. Once buyers leave your listing, they are as good as gone. With so many competitors with similar products buyers can quickly get lost in a sea of listings.

Once your buyer has customized the product and clicked the 'Create my listing' button, our system will automatically generate a new eBay listing matching the price, options, weight, and images of the buyer's product. They will be taken to the new listing directly. The entire process only takes a few seconds between the time the buyer clicks the button to the time the new listing is right in front of them ready for purchase.